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Going Bovine

All sixteen-year-old Cameron wants is to get through high school - and life in general - with a minimum of effort. It's not a lot to ask. But that's before he's given some bad news: he's sick and he's going to die. Which totally sucks.

I loved, loved, loved this book. I’ve been a Libba Bray fan for years. I bought this book anticipating I’d enjoy it, but Going Bovine far surpassed my expectations. Bray’s characters are beautifully written, deep and eccentric. I love Libba Bray’s descriptions and would  read the same one over and over again. It was like taking a bite of something yummy and not being able to stop at just one bite.


The book didn’t read as quickly the Gemma Doyle trilogy, but I mean that in a good way. I’d literally have to stop reading and think about what just happened. Libba Bray is so creative and paints such a specific and detailed world you can’t help but be transported. In one scene, I wanted to dip my toes in the crease of the book and sink into it.


I’m always impressed with authors who can write a first person perspective of the opposite sex. Cameron read exactly like a teenage boy and I felt like I knew him.


The only other author I’ve known to write well in the first person the opposite sex was Wally Lamb in The Hour I First Believed.


I’d be curious to know if any men out there have read Going Bovine and their take on Cameron. Was he a realistic and believable teenage boy to you?

For those of you interested in the fictional first meeting of Libba Bray. Read what my mind has created here

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I really want to read this book!! It sounds so good, and I have never read anything by Libba Bray before. Great review!! It makes me want to get this book sooner!!


Alright! I know what to read next! Great review. Many thanks!

Your imaginary interview is hysterical. Seriously I'm still laughing from it! Will definitely check the book out :-)

Oh! I've gotten really far behind on blogs and books the past couple of months and was completely unaware that Going Bovine had come out already! I'm so excited to read this! I really like Libba Bray and thought this sounded great :)

-Faith, &

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