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Sarcasm is not a defense mechanism. It's a state of mind.
After commenting on a friend's facebook status, Keli, you know her, she does the blonde blog with me, she pointed out that some people might not understand I was being sarcastic when I said something about locking my children in a closet.

Keli understood my humor, but suggested I add a little parenthetical *wink wink* or "Just kidding! You know I wouldn't do that. :)"

I think the more appropriate action would be to clarify when I'm not being sarcastic. Facetiousness: I love it. I live it, breathe it, eat it, and bathe in it. I can't get enough of it. “Really” and “Seriously” will now be my non-facetious indicators. Here are some examples:

Frank Ferri is a satirical god. Seriously.
Here’s another:
Frank Ferri is the funniest man alive. Really.

See how that works?

Here’s a good example of my sarcasm:

I want to make out with Frank Ferri.

Now, I really think that this should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. I really don’t want to make out with Frank Ferri. Outside of his published work I have no idea who he is. He could be serving 10-15 up at Attaca. He could be a farmer with 8 children and a little misses expecting a lovely number 9. He could have horrible bad breath. He could have lovely spearmint flavored breath. He could be a preacher, porn star, cross dresser, I don’t know. The point is, try to use some common sense as to whether or not a happily married mother of 3 would want to make out with Frank Ferri or not. Please.

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Sarcasm should be served on a cone... with sprinkles please.

A world without sarcasm...

...doesn't bear thinking about.

Me, I like to keep people guessing, so no parentheticals for me, thanks ;).


I find the ellipsis works for me when being sarcastic. If I didn't use, it, how would people know I wasn't serious? I can't make assumptions about my readership, y'know...

Dear friends,

I do not like to smile. Nor do I like fuzzy kittens, chocolate, or peppermints. You do not remind me of these things and I am not grateful for you. Good day. Or not, whatever.

My brother and I are so sarcastic together that we make my mother cry. Then he threatened to eat my children and she cried harder. It was pretty sweet.


Dude, let's go find Frank Ferri and start a commune together.

Carol, that would not be wise because then I would want to make out with him.

Left a little something for you on my blog, hon! Check it out!

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