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A formal hello
As a blogging novice, I feel like I've got this massive game of catch up to play. Almost everybody and their grandmother is doing it, nay, everyone and their DAUGHTER is doing it. Me? Brand new. I plan on sharing interesting things I find. Clever day-to-day observances. Hopefully, GIVEAWAYS (don't tell me you aren't excited) and finally, book reviews.

I'll read anything. Normally, I pour through a book in a few days. I'm restless if I start it and can't finish it immediately.

Until, that is, I started my manuscript 2 months ago. I've started 3 books in that time frame have not been able to finish one of them. It's not that they aren't engaging or my type of book, but I couldn't get more than 2 chapters into them. I felt unfaithful to my story. I feared immersing myself in someone else's world while still so engrossed in Penelope's would cheapen the process. This could also be why I'm so ravenous to finish Penelope and send it out. I miss reading.

This isn't my first attempt at anovel, but Penelope is 'the one.' I know it in my bones. I'll keep you posted.

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Re: Novice blogging...

Thank you for your comments! I am now over my reading dry spell and agree that it absolutely makes you a better writer.

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