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harleymay's Journal

19 January
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I'm originally from Alabama. Our family moved to S. Korea when I was 7. Not quite American and not quite Korean, I grew up with this weird 3rd culture perspective.

My mother instilled a great love of books in me from an early age. I remember listening to her voice, late at night, while she read great stories like The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Anne of Green Gables. It wasn't long before I took the books out of her hands and read them to her. After she went to bed, I continued to read and haven't stopped.

We lived in Korea until I was 17, at which point we moved back to Alabama. After I graduated I attended the University of Alabama and later transfered to the University of South Florida as an English major.

I am now a wife, stay at home mother of 3, and aspiring YA writer living in Florida. My current novel is a coming of age faery tale. I hope to have it finished and ready for query send-outs this January. If you see my house clean, you'll know the writing isn't going well.